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Early in its history, in the late 80’s, NRB became the main IT partner of the Wallonia public sector. Since then, we have built a professional expertise that is unique in Belgium. Our experts assist public services every day in the fulfilment of their missions by providing IT solutions fitted to their needs.

NRB has been working for all levels of public authorities: federal, regional, provincial and local. For the latter, we particularly rely on our subsidiaries, Civadis and Cevi/Logins, which provide dedicated ICT solutions.

Public Authorities’ market is characterised by various challenges

The current digital transformation phenomenon causes important changes in business models. Indeed, the quantitative explosion of available digital data and the advent of cloud solutions are now irrevocably changing the relationship between companies and information and communication technologies. On the other hand, needs in terms of IT security are growing.

Today’s public institutions are facing multiple challenges. On the one hand, they have to provide more and better services for the citizen. On the other hand, their competencies are being decentralised to the regions and public institutions are being consolidated in an effort to reduce costs and optimise the functioning of the public administration.

The potential of new technologies are adding another layer of challenges to these changing market conditions. The citizen expects the public administration to provide smart citizen-centric services in a secure way, making information accessible through the use of the latest technologies such as mobile applications.


What we do for Public Authorities

  • Cyber Security

In a world where more public administrations are interconnected and exchanging information, strong security policies and systems are required.

Authentic sources of public administrations contain highly valuable information. The more systems are interconnected and opened up to the citizen, the higher the risk of security breaches.

Our security consultants audit your environment, assess the risks and design the right solution to protect your data. Identity and Access Management systems can be implemented and supported by our services to provide you with a highly secure environment.

  • Business Analytics

Public administrations are facing high volumes of data from different systems.

Implementation of different systems at different governmental levels has often led to duplicated data. Many institutions have difficulties in managing this large volume of information. The high volumes of administrative documents to screen request processing time and too much manual work relying on too few experts.

Our consultants can help you build a data-driven organisation by creating the right data governance structures and automating the processes that make content accessible, link and relate content through extracted meaning, check compliance and prioritise manual work.

  • System Integration

Today’s citizens expect a different kind of interaction with the public administration.

The integration of data from different systems allows public servants to provide services in a citizen-centric way. National competencies are being decentralised to the regions and public institutions are being consolidated. The integration of different systems is key to reducing costs and optimising the functioning of the public administration.

NRB consultants can assist you with custom and package-based application development, covering the entire project life cycle from analysis and development to maintenance and support. They can do this for package-based and custom development as well as through third-party and proprietary development.


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