Advanced Analytics

The Value of Information

Business models changed continually over the past decades: production processes accelerated, product shelf life shortened, markets became globalised, and new digital means of communication like social media appeared.

All these developments mean that companies are now increasingly seeking ways to preserve their differentiators, to retain their customers’ loyalty, to increase their market share and to penetrate new markets.

Information is key to meeting these challenges!

Companies generate, structure and store an increasing amount of data in their ERP, CRM or other enterprise systems. Differently structured data from suppliers or partners are complementing these data.

At the same time, exponential amounts of unstructured data are generated every second through email exchanges, on social media or through data sources available on the web, also known as OpenData.

Being able to extract the strategic insights out of all this data, will be of major importance for the survival of more and more companies and organisations.

What can Advanced Analytics tools bring to my organization?

Impact on costs

Identification of the hidden correlations within data series and identification of phenomena and their cause for a better understanding of the cost structure.

Impact on growth

Genuine growth driver in terms of revenue, due to improved targeting of customer profiles, better classification and appropriate offers.

Impact on processes

Improvement in the quality of both the products and services delivered thanks to a deductive approach identifying causes and effects.

Impact on productivity

Introduction of predictive maintenance (predictive analytics), reducing down time and optimizing the entire production cycle.

NRB’s Advanced Analytics Service Offering


Business Intelligence with NRB

Business Intelligence

NRB can assist you in defining and implementing Advanced Analytics projects within your organisation, while using market leading tools, and the skills of its professional and technical experts.

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 Business Analytics with NRB

Business Analytics

We offer an end to end Analytics service: from the elaboration of a business case up to the implementation, and hosting of the solution and data.

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Using Data to detect fraud

Fraud Analytics

Detect fraud earlier to mitigate loss and prevent cascading damages.

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 Anticipate maintenance on machinery

Predictive Maintenance and Quality

Organisations are harnessing big data to develop insights to fine-tune systems, inform decision making, and develop products that were previously impossible to make.

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