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With more than 200 mainframe specialists (infrastructure and applications), NRB is able to ensure a complete outsourcing of your mainframe systems. Our expertise extends as much to the IBM Mainframe environment as to the Bull Mainframe environment. In this team, 40 specialists in mainframe infrastructures take charge of the operational management at different levels: treatment of data, operations, engineering, management of services, etc.

Our infrastructure is distributed over two completely independent sites situated at a distance of 30 km from each other and connected by high speed Dark Fiber lines -allowing data (Disks and Tapes) to be replicated in synchronous mode. This configuration responds to the highest requirements of DRP.

NRB counts amongst its customers numerous major mainframe users in Belgium. We consider our customers as real partners. Our collaboration is based on transparency and on open mindedness in a common effort for efficiency, for controlling costs, for innovation and for achieving flexibility.

This expertise and this infrastructure, associated with our commitment to our customers, makes NRB, the leading supplier of mainframe services in Belgium.

Our offer


These services are built to assure the maximum performance for your business.

  • Console/monitoring/reporting on a 24/7 basis from our premises in Herstal.
  • Helpdesk : full trilingual (FR/NL/EN) support teams are closely working together with the monitoring teams in order to make sure all requirements agreed upon in the Service Level Agreements are fulfilled.
  • Networking : a high speed fully redundant networking infrastructure (2 GBps on the WAN via 2 dedicated 1 Gbps lines without overlap) assures bandwidth and an uninterrupted service.


We configured our mainframe environment to be as flexible as possible. You can rely on our large and state-of-the-art mainframe environment equipped with the latest technologies and spare capacities to:

  • support peaks rapidly
  • reconfigure OS (partitions) and I/O environments
  • adapt to networking requests


Our migration methodology relies on proven best practices that have passed the test of several major projects for our customers. Our specialized equipment and virtualization methods enable us to realize faultless migrations of DASD and tapes while limiting the impact on your business, the total cost and the time required.

On average our migration projects do not last longer than three months.

Have a look at our development and maintenance services for mainframe applications.

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