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The Mainframe: Cutting-edge technology for secure processing of a trillion transactions a day
The mainframe stands out for its unrivalled performance and its capacity for transformation to keep pace with digital developments. This technology enables all your transactions to be processed in a fast, reliable, scalable and secure environment. When you choose NRB you choose one of Europe’s leading mainframe suppliers.

What is a mainframe?

A mainframe is a high-performance computer specifically designed for secure, real-time transaction processing. Every day, mainframes all over the world process more than a trillion transactions. This level of performance has made the technology a popular choice in fields such as finance, industry, governmental agencies and IT service providers. 
Created more than fifty years ago, mainframes have continued to keep pace with technological developments.  They have opened up to new IT languages and new methods of intercommunication, thereby integrating into the ecosystem of modern data centers, while retaining the strengths that have enabled them, for decades, to process massive volumes of data in record time, while continuing to guarantee total security for users.

Mainframe, a tailor-made solution

When you choose a mainframe, you choose an environment suitable for your digital transformation:
  • You ensure the continuity of your core business while benefiting from the possibilities offered by new development environments and cloud services.
  • You optimize your costs and avoid the risks associated with migrations or redevelopment projects.
  • You benefit from a homogeneous solution, capable of combining its historical robustness and speed with the agility of modern development tools.
  • You benefit from a totally secure environment that is unrivalled in the market. Z systems require complete encryption of all incoming and outgoing data.
  • You offer the next generation of developers an exciting tool. They’ll love working with popular new IT languages and tools like Java, Node.js and Python. 

The NRB Group has unique expertise in mainframe

40 years of experience and more than 250 experts
Created in the 1980s, NRB has many years of experience in mainframe infrastructure. Today, this Belgian company provides mainframe services on IBM and BULL GCOS8 platforms. The addition of the French company Trigone to the NRB Group, in 2020, has furthered strengthened our leadership position. It means that, in total, we have over 250 experts able to provide complete operational management, development and maintenance of mainframe applications.
A relationship based on transparency and efficiency
Our teams are ready to listen to your needs and provide you with the best possible answer. We work together in partnership. Our values? Transparency, open-mindedness, innovation and cost control. And our common goal is efficiency.
Geo-resilient Data Centers
Your data is hosted in a secure environment. Two geo-resilient Data Centers, linked by dark fiber, only thirty kilometers apart and fully redundant, ensure synchronous replication of all your data. This configuration meets the most stringent business continuity planning (BCP) requirements. 
A spirit that is both historic and innovative
In the image of the mainframe, our teams remain pioneers in innovation, offering our clients modern, efficient and future-proof solutions. The deployment of machine learning and AIOps solutions, the use of modern programming languages and the segmentation of existing applications are all part of our catalog of services. And moreover, our experts are also proficient in traditional IT languages such as Cobol and PL/I.
In-house mainframe training school
NRB guarantees you long-term service thanks to the Mainframe Academy. This initiative enables us to train developers in PL/I and Cobol technologies and ensure the succession of our engineering teams. 
A sustainable vision of IT
The NRB Group is at the cutting edge in terms of respect for the environment and attaches great importance to sustainability. In particular, our Data Centers are powered by a wind turbine and the wellbeing of our employees is a key concern.

Our teams understand what you need

  • Application maintenance

We provide you with a range of expertise that is in demand in the market, such as PL/I, Cobol and PowerBuilder. We also carry out application maintenance for clients who are looking for a reliable partner.

  • Helpdesk

Our trilingual teams collaborate perfectly with our monitoring teams, to cover the requirements defined in our Service Level Agreements. 

  • Network

Our fully redundant high-speed infrastructure (2 Gbps on WAN via 2 dedicated 1 Gbps lines with no crossover) ensures constant bandwidth and uninterrupted service.

  • Migration

Our migration methodology, proven over many years, is based on best practices. Our specialized equipment and virtualization methods enable us to carry out data recovery smoothly, while limiting the impact on your business, on the total cost of migration and on the completion time. 


Client testimonial

NTN, a global reference in the design, development and manufacture of bearings, uses the mainframe for a number of critical applications, such as purchasing, finance and production management, for the entire European group. 
Faced with a lack of internal resources, the company outsourced its mainframe to the NRB Group. The success of this partnership was immediate thanks to our experts’ recognized skills.

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