Pressure from customers and ICT users is increasing in all sectors of industry. Users are demanding new solutions. They often want to use very specific SaaS applications that fit their needs or requirements. And they will do so, with or without your help. This is the so-called Shadow-IT phenomenon: IT solutions are being used in your company without the IT department knowing about it. In reality, businesses seek solutions that make their processes and their work easier. Unfortunately such solutions are often isolated, and thus lose part of their value. It is precisely the role of the CIO and his IT department to ensure that data is not multiplied unnecessarily or stored in too many places at once.

Moreover, organisations take on board new applications to cope with their complexity, high maintenance costs, lack of flexibility of existing/legacy environments or even legal requirements push organisations to take on board new applications.

System integration : plenty of advantages

Integration will help you reduce operational expenditure or development costs by capitalising on the different data sources, whether internal or external. It will help you improve your knowledge of the end users. Integration will speed up  a whole range of processes,  such as sales cycles, it will facilitate the roll-out of new channels (mobile, social media, partnerships, etc.), and make operational processes, recruitment, etc. more fluid

Using new technologies makes it possible to innovate and aim for operational efficiency. You can improve the experience offered to your customers which will contribute to a good brand image.  Something that in the end will make it easier to attract new talent of generation Y and Z who are the future of your business.

Prepare your future with NRB!

Our vertical expertise in many industries (insurance, healthcare; public services, utilities, etc.) and our knowledge of cloud solutions for all trades (marketing, sales, HR, accounting, etc.) make NRB your ideal partner for system integration.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in implementing service-oriented architecture (SOA) and have expertise in multiple open data sources.

Choosing NRB means you can count on a dedicated team of more than 25 experts: SOA Architects, Data Architects, Analyst-Developers SOA and SOA Operations Specialists. We will focus on governance with a clear catalogue of services, usage of best practices and tools.

Our offer

We are able to integrate all types of systems:

  • Off-the-shelf solutions (HR and accounting packages, etc.) in existing environments
  • Digital channels (mobile, social media, emailing, extranet, etc.)
  • External data: public (open data), generic or vertical (particular to one industry)
  • Putting in place an integration platform (ESB/Enterprise Service Bus)



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