ESG (environment, social and governance)

What does ESG actually involve?

The impact of IT companies is becoming more and more important. Cybersecurity and the use of innovative new technologies like artificial intelligence and the cloud (public, hybrid and private) all represent crucial challenges for the development of modern companies.

These challenges increase our responsibility towards the public and are an incentive for us to adopt sustainable and ethical practices. Respecting the environment, ensuring the wellbeing of our employees and maintaining exemplary governance practices are imperative if we are to guarantee responsible and sustainable business.

ESG criteria are essential for measuring the sustainability and integrity of our company. At NRB, we have been committed for a number of years to embedding these principles in our vision and our mission. Our commitment is reflected in our policies and is confirmed by our ISO 9001, 20000 and 27001 certifications. We are determined to continue along this path, convinced that the future of IT must be sustainable and ethical. l'avenir de l'IT doit être durable et éthique.

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NRB has high environmental ambitions. The company aims to reduce its carbon emissions on its historic Herstal site by 80% by 2030, and by 100% by 2050. To achieve this, a number of initiatives have been implemented and the results obtained in recent years prove their effectiveness.

Installation of a wind turbine and photovoltaic panels

In June 2022, NRB inaugurated the very first wind turbine at the heart of Wallonia’s biggest business park, in Herstal. This installation was a key step in our “Green IT” offer.

The wind turbine and the 940 photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of our buildings are producing tangible effects, confirming our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by the middle of the century. In 2023, 60% of the electricity consumed on the Herstal site came from these renewable resources, avoiding the emission of 1963 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere (figures based on the Walloon Region’s methodology). Moreover, the rest of our electricity is 100% green, which gives us a zero carbon supply.

Some of the greenest Data Centres in Belgium

Cybersecurity is crucial to a company’s survival. NRB offers both a private and a hybrid hosting platform via its two Data Centre campuses in Herstal and Villers-le-Bouillet. These infrastructures guarantee the physical security of the data of numerous Belgian and international companies

Our own company has taken several measures to limit the environmental impact of its Data Centres:

  • The energy provided by the wind turbine, the photovoltaic panels and our green energy supply mean we can count on zero-carbon data centres.
  • Cold corridors make it possible to cool only specific zones of the Data Centres, thereby optimising energy efficiency.
  • Heat recovery systems capture the thermal energy produced by the Data Centres and redistribute it to the offices occupied by our employees.

Household and industrial waste sorting, the Walloon carbon convention, etc.

NRB is stepping up its initiatives, at every level, to reduce its environmental impact.

  • Our employees are encouraged to sort their household waste, with special bins at their disposal in the workplace.
  • Our company also optimises the sorting of its industrial waste. Waste from the Data Centre (cardboard and old servers) is entrusted to specialised recycling companies, so that it can be processed and reused.
  • NRB has joined the Walloon carbon convention, which focuses on three objectives: reducing CO2 emissions, producing green energy and improving energy efficiency.

Key figures

#60: in 2023, NRB produced 60% of its electricity itself, thanks to the wind turbine and its 940 photovoltaic panels.

#1963: in 2023, NRB’s initiatives made it possible to avoid releasing 1963 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

#2050: by 2050, NRB aims to be carbon neutral.

Laurence Mathieu, CEO NRB PLC

“Our ambition is to push back the boundaries in terms of sustainability. We already have significant resources for producing green electricity, and we are determined to intensify our efforts in order to achieve our objectives and meet our clients’ environmental expectations. Furthermore, we recognise that our employees are at the heart of our success. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment, where every employee can actively contribute to our mission of sustainability. Together we can make a meaningful difference for a greener future.”

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The wellbeing and personal and professional development of our employees are absolute priorities. These optimal working conditions allow our experts to increase their skills and to offer ever more innovative solutions to our clients.

NRB certified Top Employer for the fourth consecutive year

In January 2024, NRB was certified Top Employer for the fourth consecutive year, a recognition that underlines our many initiatives in terms of human resources. We do our utmost to offer our employees ideal working conditions, whether it is modern office furniture, high-performance technological tools or organising relaxing moments to strengthen team cohesion.

NRB is also especially attractive in the competitive market for young IT talent, offering numerous career opportunities in a solid, renowned and innovative company. We are open to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the cloud and stack transition.

Wide range of training courses for our personnel

Rapid technological change requires constant updating of skills. NRB encourages all of its employees to update their knowledge in a wide range of subjects, thanks to an extensive list of training courses. Ongoing learning is essential if we are to respond to our clients’ needs effectively.

In April 2023, our company launched its own online training platform, LUCY. This space facilitates access to good-quality training courses and offers a comprehensive catalogue in line with our in-house policy. LUCY is already proving a great success and was awarded the “HR Policy Promoting Open Education” award at the “Open Education Night” ceremony.

Responsible fulfilment of our social role

NRB is fully aware of its role in society and is increasing its actions to improve citizens’ lives.

  • The company works with the association Digital for Youth. The aim is to bridge the digital divide in Belgium by offering computer hardware to young people aged between six and twenty-five, thereby enabling them to access technologies that are essential for their education and their professional future.
  • Since 2018, NRB has been giving financial support to the fight against cancer, contributing to research and to initiatives that aim to combat this disease.
  • NRB, Ethias and BeCode, the biggest coding school with social impact in Belgium, have signed a partnership agreement in order to develop and strengthen the training of technological talent in Belgium.

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NRB is committed to good practice in governance. Our company has adopted several charters attesting to its rigour in this area.

Ethias Group ethical charter

NRB and all of its subsidiaries have adopted the Ethics Charter established by their parent company, Ethias Group. The charter provides a common set of guidelines for companies to follow with regard to insider trading, protection of information and the fight against money laundering.

The ethics charter also proves to our clients that our company is reliable and confirms our respect for fundamental values like, for example, human rights.

Sustainable IT Charter

NRB has signed the Sustainable IT Charter, which aims to develop inclusive, ethical and more environment-friendly digital practices. This is reflected in five commitments:

  • To optimise digital tools to limit their impact and consumption.
  • To develop digital services that are inclusive, sustainable and accessible for everyone.
  • To adopt ethical and responsible digital practices.
  • To promote responsible IT, which is essential to ensure organisations’ resilience.
  • To foster the emergence of new behaviours and values.


ISO 9001

This ISO quality management certification guarantees that products and services comply with clients’ requirements and the regulations.

ISO 27001

This ISO security management certification is proof of NRB’s performance in terms of optimisation of information security.

ISO 20000

This ISO service management certification makes it possible to evaluate the manner in which companies offer their services and analyse their performance.

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