Sibelga: creation of a Data Hub to use data to offer consumers innovative services

Sibelga has developed a new mobile application to help its users control their energy costs better. Herbert Carracillo, CIO of the Brussels network operator, explains the importance of digital transformation and data use for a company like Sibelga.

Sibelga faces a number of challenges with regard to its consumers: reducing their bills, supporting their energy transition and offering ever more innovative services. To meet these challenges, the Brussels-based network operator has carried out a digital transformation, “which is essential if we are to continue to offer high-quality, reliable access to energy”,  stresses Herbert Carracillo, Chief Information Officer at Sibelga.

The smart meters deployed in the capital generate data daily that is fundamental to offering personalised service to every consumer. Sibelga has therefore developed a Digital Data Hub, in partnership with NRB. This centralised platform makes it possible for large quantities of data to be stored and processed in complete security, so that they can be utilised more easily.  “NRB provided its knowledge of cloud technologies, microservices and application development. This input constitutes real added value and has enabled us to put in place a completely new digital architecture. We can now rely on a Data Hub capable of storing and processing large quantities of data, creating other microservices and integrating  APIs”, explains Herbert Carracillo.

In 2021, the collaboration between Sibelga and NRB led to the launch, in partnership with the City of Brussels’ PCSW, of an energy monitoring application for a selection of vulnerable households. As this experiment has proved particularly successful, it will soon be extended to residential clients and will eventually be supplemented by an internet portal.  

Herbert Carracillo, Chief Information Officer Sibelga

A valuable aid in energy transition

Energy transition is both a challenge and a priority for Sibelga. Consumers are developing new habits, such as energy sharing (with neighbours, tenants, etc.) and energy flexibility (consuming more energy when it is green). The Data Hub is a key element in facilitating these consumption patterns through new types of services: “For example, smart meter data stored on the Data Hub is now used to support energy sharing and also provides data for ESCOs, i.e. suppliers. Currently, Sibelga is also working with NRB to develop a mobile application that allows network users to track their consumption”, continues Herbert Carracillo.

So, digital transformation is advancing at full speed at Sibelga, enabling the network operator to increase its capacity for innovation and services. “It offers long-term perspectives. We are investing in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent network systems and digital twins. This gives us access to a large amount of data that enables us to determine relevant and targeted investments”, concludes Herbert Carracillo.

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