The NRB Group

The NRB GroupSince 2010, the growth strategy of NRB has notably involved targeted acquisitions that aim to build a solid Belgian actor in the field of ICT solutions, capable of dealing with the main business sectors of the country.

NRB is the parent company of the group. It holds 51% of the shares in the Adinfo holding company, which owns 100% of Cevi, Logins and Civadis. NRB also owns 55% of the shares in Xperthis, 100% of Afelio and 100% of Trasys International.

Horizontal or vertical focus

The affiliates of the NRB group each have a well-defined vertical focus:

  • Xperthis in the field of healthcare.
  • CivadisCevi and Logins offer applications solutions to local authorities, respectively in the south and north of the country.
  • Trasys International is a ‘European Economic Interest Grouping’, delivering specialised ICT services to the European and international public and corporate organisations.
  • Afelio is in charge of the development of customized mobile & web solutions. 
  • Siggis is a company specialized in intelligent geospatial solutions.
  • Ucon offers SAP Services & Solutions dedicated to public utilities. 

The structure of the NRB Group



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