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Our managed staffing services aim to provide our customers whatever IT talent they need whenever and wherever...
Depending on your specific needs, NRB offers different types of services related to software applications.
Cybersecurity, a major challenge for your organisation 

NRB is an ICT service provider allowing you to source or outsource IT to the degree that best fits your needs and ambitions.


Our consultants assist and advice you on the development and the implementation of your IT strategy to support, optimise and transform your business efficiently.


We offer a full range of services with regard to your applications: (custom) development, implementation of market solutions, integration, and application maintenance.

Infrastructure Services

We provide operational management of your IT infrastructure from our data centres or from your own site.

Managed Staffing

We can find the resource you need to complete your IT team or to staff your project at the right cost, at the right moment and for the right time.


In us they trust...

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