ISO 9001

The NRB quality management system was certified for the first time on the 4th of June 2004. The certification was renewed in June 2007, in June 2013, june 2016, february 2019, february 2022 by BSI and is available until 2025. Verification audits take place every year. 

NRB received the ISO 9001 certificate covering all of its processes:

  • design, analysis, consulting and management of IT projects;
  • design, development, maintenance and hosting of IT solutions;
  • management of IT infrastructures, telecommunication networks and mass printing;
  • delivery and configuration of hardware and software.

ISO 27001

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) of NRB has been certified according to the international standard ISO27001 in 2016, in 2019, 2022 by BSI and is available until 2025.

This certification applies to all processes of NRB and to the information management systems that enable the processes to function:

  • The design, the analysis, the consulting and the IT project management
  • The design, the development, the maintenance and the hosting of the IT solutions
  • The management of system infrastructures, of telecom networks and mass printing
  • The delivery and the configuration of hardware and software

The NRB sites that were certified are: NRB S.A. in Herstal (datacenters) as well as the site of Trasys in Greece. 

SAP-Certified Provider of Hosting Operations

Since 30 March 2011, NRB is certified as being the first and sole SAP Hosting Partner in Belgium. This certification has again been extended until 2023.

This certification confirms NRB as an end-to-end supplier of SAP services and solutions, from classic hosting of the environment to configuration and development, including the hosting of SAP platforms and solutions delivered as a service (PaaS and SaaS).


SAP Partner Center of Expertise


 Since the 7th of June 2012, NRB is certified SAP Partner Center of Expertise. This certificate confirms that our organization offers the support to its customers according to the technical and organizational standards of SAP. 


SAP-Certified Provider of SAP HANA Operations 


 Since December 2015, NRB is the only local Belgian player to be certified PCOE (Partner center of expertise) for SAP HANA Operations. This certification has again been extended until 2023.

This certification demonstrates the ability of NRB to provide solutions on the HANA platform and to meet the high operational quality standards required by the editor SAP. This certification comes on top of our existing status of SAP certified Hosting Partner. The latter was renewed in May 2015 and extended for SAP HANA specifically. 


SAP-Certified Provider of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations 

Since July 2019, NRB is certified Provider of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations. This certification has again been extended until 2023. This certificate attests that our organization offers an infrastructure and cloud services portfolio tailored to the customer.


Reports and audited processes

NRB has three positive assurance reports provided by an external and independent party: Ernst & Young (EY).
1) An ISAE 3402 type II report for Herstal's data centres - 2021
  • Environmental & physical safety
2) An ISAE 3402 type II report for BelgiumDC (Villers-le-Bouillet) - 2021
  • Environmental & physical safety
3) An ISAE 3000 type II - 2021 report - Mainframe activities:
  • incident management;
  • change management;
  • availability management;
  • data management [back-up & restore];
  • logical access management.
These documents are available on request for NRB customers. For prospects, the signature of the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with EY is required.

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