Solution Architecture

After the design of a Digital Roadmap, many different projects must be implemented in order to turn the new strategic IT vision into reality. And for each project, one needs an architect.

Whether it’s about applications or the infrastructure, most organisations lack the time and internal resources to proceed with the definition of a new IT solution or the redesign of an existing solution. In addition, these tasks require that the person doing them be fully focused on its mission, which is not obvious when someone is in charge of more operational activities.

Yet it is important that the design of the architecture of a solution is perfectly in line with the IT environment and performed according to good practices and with the right tools. Your solution should match the business expectations insofar as it is scalable and future proof.

Solutions to the level of your ambitions

NRB has the expertise of a dozen profiles which all show proven experience in the architecture of infrastructure or application solutions:

  • Cloud Architects
  • IT Architects
  • Solution Design Architects

Our employees apply best practices and methodologies for the design of architectures and use the support of powerful tools such as Enterprise Architect (Sparks System) or Visio.

Our offer

You can call on our consultants for the following tasks:

  • Architecture of Hybrid cloud environments
  • Architecture of infrastructure solutions
  • Architecture of application solutions
  • Support in the development of the specifications for a specific solution

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