Custom development


Service Design




The user at the core of your organisation
After some research, we will develop the interfaces (UX), test them, evaluate the results, revise and publish a new version.
Our actions will be as follows:

  • Perform a UX audit
  • Map out the customer journey
  • Draft the service blueprint
  • Make the cross services roadmap
  • Identify the problems of your users
  • Create a unique and unified experience


Product Ownership

The user at the core of product development
In order to maximize the value of your product, we will clearly define and ensure the desired results and the best user experience via :
  • UX centric product design
  • Backlog governance
  • Application of special governance methodologies
  • UX Audits
  • The use of our tools and our UX laboratory
  • Prototyping and user-testing



Best development practices
We work according to leading software development practices, such as:
  • Agile/Scrum
  • DevOps
  • Security (OWASP IvI.3) from development to production
  • Automated testing
  • Automated deployment



A tailor-made UX-oriented solution
We design custom applications to meet the specific needs of your organisation and your users via:
  • Creating a unique and unified experience for your users
  • The Agile/Scrum methodology
  • An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach
  • Agile project management
  • Ideal conditions for the millennials


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