ICT has become crucial for every organisation. Hosting your IT infrastructure in a secure, highly available data centre that is energy-efficient and ultra-connected has become a must. The survival of your business may even depend on it. Moreover, the costs for constructing, maintaining and managing (energy, skills, etc.) such data centres are too onerous for businesses to only satisfy their own needs. After all, needs change and technologies as well.

Companies seeking performance, cost-efficiency and independence from external suppliers often end up turning to shared environments in a data centre such as offered by NRB.

Flexibility, security, commitment and performance

By opting for our housing services, you have access to a data centre infrastructure with high availability, that is ultra-connected, geo-resilient and located in Belgium. Not only that, you will profit from our expertise and more than 30 years experience in data centre management.

We offer rental solutions for variable periods that you can change along with your needs. You only pay for your actual use, so your costs will be largely operational expenditures (OPEX).

Our solutions allow your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to be significantly reduced, as you can benefit from the shared technical infrastructure of our data centres.

Access to our infrastructure is strictly controlled and secured. All our clients’ systems and data are protected, while we can still offer them the flexibility that is needed for their organisations to operate smoothly. All our contracts include a Service Level Agreement or SLA. Housing your systems in our data centres might also facilitate migration projects or integration with one of our cloud solutions.

Our offer


You rent and gain access to a dedicated area in one of our data centres. Your systems will be hosted in a shared or private environment, as you wish.

Hands & Eyes

You will have access to 24/7 complementary Hands & Eyes services. These can include turning your systems on and off, for example, or resetting, giving status updates for particular equipment, connecting or disconnecting the electricity supply or network cables, carrying out keyboard operations, etc. in function of your expectations.

IMACD (Install, Move, Add, Change & Dispose)

These services include the installation, moving, adding, changing or running of physical systems as well as the establishment of point-to-point network connections (cable patching) or connections with telecom operators within our data centres.

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