With a consolidated turnover of € 333 million and over 2,200 employees, the NRB Group ranks in the top three of the Belgian ICT industry.

NRB helps its customers to fully benefit from ICT assets in order to optimise and accelerate their processes, innovate and allow their business to grow and evolve with a view to keeping up with the new digital reality.

Within this context, NRB provides a complete range of ICT services based on four key areas: consultancy, software, infrastructure & cloud services, and managed staffing.

  • The consultancy services include the work performed by ICT and business consultants who assist clients in their (digital) transformation. In addition, a team of ICT and cybersecurity specialists helps them develop and implement the appropriate policies (for GDPR, security and other standards) as well as ICT solutions aimed at ensuring the integrity of their organisation, systems and data.

  • The software services include the development of customised solutions by teams in Belgium and at a nearshore centre in Athens. The development teams master a wide range of technologies for the creation of mobile and web applications as well as customised solutions for distributed or mainframe environments. In addition to customised services, NRB also provides packages (ERP, BI, SCADA,…) from major software companies (SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Software AG,…) tailored to the specific needs of clients and their projects. Moreover, specialists ensure the implementation, integration and maintenance of the software solutions supplied.

  • NRB’s infrastructure and managed operations services encompass housing and hosting of mainframe, AS400 and distributed systems. To provide these services, NRB makes use of its own data centres located on two geo-resilient sites in Belgium; this infrastructure is compatible with the Uptime Institute’s Tier 3+ requirements. It enables NRB to deliver integrated hybrid cloud services tailored to its customers’ needs. To fulfil these needs, NRB can make optimum use of three ICT environments: the customer’s on- premise infrastructure, the NRB private cloud and the public cloud, which NRB can connect, integrate and manage as required.

  • Finally, NRB provides managed staffing services aimed at offering the best profiles at the best possible price taking into account the customer’s requirements.

Whereas NRB focuses on specific sectors such as the public and social sector, the sector of energy & utilities, the financial services sector and the business & industrial sector, the subsidiaries of the NRB Group offer sector-specific solutions supported by the Group’s scale, ICT infrastructure and other support. Trasys International aims at European and international public organisations and corporations. Xperthis provides specialised ICT solutions for the health care sector. CEVI, Logins and Civadis offer ICT products and services dedicated to the local authorities. SIGGIS is providing GIS-software and consultancy primarily to the public sector and utilities. UCON, finally, is mainly active in the field of SAP IS-U and FI-CA for utilities.

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