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Whatever the industry, current economic conditions lead to an increasingly strong pressure on expenses and IT departments are no exception to this phenomenon. They even must add more value to the business with less and less resources. 

In order to reduce maintenance costs and, at the same time, increase the number and quality of services offered to the business, organisations are choosing to outsource the maintenance of their applications. This way, they free up internal resources for activities with higher value added and they lower costs related to maintenance. 

Moreover, in order to increase the value and the efficiency to the business or due to legal constraints, you need to scale your application portfolio and applications: de- commissioning, upgrading, adding features, merging, etc. 

Finally, some organisations that face a loss of skills (retirement, etc.) cannot, by themselves, ensure the continuity of their applications and must rely on a partner.

A partner to support the evolution of your applications

NRB uses many specific skills that are increasingly difficult to find on the market: PL1, Cobol or even Powerbuilder but also application services in Java,  .net and mobile technologies. We offer over 25 years of experience in application maintenance, serving an ever increasing number of customers looking for a reliable and solid partner whose expertise is well established.

In order to avoid facing a shortage of skills and to be able to provide our maintenance and the development of mainframe applications services, NRB has created a Mainframe Academy. The idea is to identify the most efficient developers and train them in COBOL and PL1 technologies by integrating them into our experienced System Engineers teams.

We apply ITIL best practices and we use the best tools available on the market (HP Quality Center, SonarQube, HP Service Manager, Jira, etc.) to ensure the application quality and cost control as well as to facilitate technical developments.

Our offer

Proposed takeover

Whether mainframe, distributed or mobile applications, you can entrust NRB the maintenance of your programs developed internally or by third parties. We have developed a transition plan in three phases that enables an efficient hand over and a smooth transition:

  • Diagnosis: in a few days, our experts assess the quality and complexity of the application.
  • Skills transfer: our teams are familiar with all of your application parameters or those of third parties.
  • Quality Plan Maintenance: we will develop a plan that describes all of the maintenance-related processes (incident, problem, change, update, etc.) based on the expected SLA in the contract.

Preventive maintenance

We prepare for reducing the risk of failure or decrease of the performance or quality of your application.

Corrective maintenance

We correct any abnormality that prevents the proper operation of your application.

Adaptive maintenance

We technically optimise your application, whether it concerns changes related to safety or the updating of systems or the supporting databases.

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