Service Control Center

In 2014, NRB inaugurated a new control center to accommodate all of its employees in charge of the Service Desk. The objectives is to have a direct, complete, permanent and real-time view of the status of all services and to encourage collaborative problem solving.

Important operational information is displayed on large screens with the details remaining in a ticketing system. It allows verifying server availability, the status of the management of incidents according to priority, of the network, and the status of the operation of the data centers, the air conditioning, security levels, etc.

This display and the layout of the premises enable us to shorten our time to solve incidents, but also to speed up and better coordinate our responses in the event of a major incident or crisis. Indeed, meeting rooms enable the rapid gathering of the people involved, who together find better solutions faster.

The Service Control Center actually works like a control tower at an airport. It is not directly involved. But it has an overview of the situation. It guides our employees to a faster resolution of problems, which at the end of the day, increases the satisfaction of our customers.

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