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A major economic player, the Life Sciences sector is booming. Belgium plays a central role in this activity thanks to its central position and its inexhaustible wealth of talent. To continue to grow, BioPharma and BioTech professionals need the best technologies: digital transformation, data protection and management platforms are essential to advance research.

We are proud to support these specialists in their growth process. Together, we share the same ambition: innovation to improve people's well-being. 

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NRB, the ally of BioPharma and BioTech

With 40 years of experience, the NRB Group is a benchmark in the ICT sector. It offers multiple solutions to support the Life Sciences sector in its objectives. 
1. Support for transformation from ideation to the industrialisation of solutions
The members of our Innovation team help you to effectively identify the challenges and opportunities in your sector. Take advantage of our one-stop shop to bring your innovations to fruition, from ideation to industrialisation. 
2. Support in your IT innovation
You benefit from our IT solutions and investments to support the development of your projects in the form of co-creation, whether in IoT, XRE, artificial intelligence or 5G.
3. The sovereignty of your data
With two redundant data centres in Belgium, more than 30 kilometres apart, and cloud solutions (private and hybrid), we offer end-to-end support for your data. Our expertise will protect your research and discoveries.
4. Support from ideation to industrialisation
In total, there are just over 3,300 experts trained in the latest technologies available to you. Take advantage of our one-stop shop to bring your innovations to fruition, from ideation to industrialisation. 
5. Working together in a true relationship of trust
You are at the heart of our activities. We attach great importance to our relationship, based on trust and the long term. Our only concern is to provide tailor-made solutions to your needs thanks to our long experience and innovations.
6. Sustainable innovation
The Life Sciences sector is growing while respecting the environment... and so are we. Sustainability is very important to our company, as evidenced by the installation of a wind turbine in our offices in Herstal, the well-being of our employees and our social commitment.

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  • Application Development and UX
We develop interfaces to facilitate the exchange of data between your customer and your employees, as well as between your entire staff. Our platforms are easy to use, tailor-made and quickly adopted by their users.
  • Data protection and use
Our ERP solutions save you time in the exchange of information between different departments. All these processes are automated and benefit from the highest degree of security thanks to NRB's data centre.
  • Cyber Security
We protect your research and development by preventing access to your data from the outside. Whether using our private (Data Center) or hybrid (Cloud) solutions, we secure your patents, discoveries, analyses.
  • Customer Support Desk
We provide a fully trained helpdesk dedicated to your needs. We can also develop a dashboard to facilitate collaboration between different departments.
  • Augmented reality and innovation
Our Innovation and Business Consulting department will meet all your needs regarding the latest technology. For example, augmented reality will make it easier for you to do your job accurately and 5G will enable all your innovations.

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