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Business Analytics with NRB

We offer an end to end Analytics service: from the elaboration of a business case up to the implementation, and hosting of the solution and data: strategy/advisory, data exploration, data preparation, building statistical models, visualising the results, implementation of the full solution and integration of the analytics solution in the full IT landscape.

Services are provided in fixed price (turn-key), T&M (Times & Material), MO (Managed Operations) and staffing approach. In general, a Business Analytics project starts small with a consultancy mission: to first understand what are the requirements of the business, to investigate the potential of the available data, to elaborate the use case.

  • R&D/Quality: quality issues, quality root-cause-analysis mystery.
  • Production: outages, capacity/performance issues, production process variability.
  • Operations: customer complaints, too high assets cost and performance issue, late delivery.
  • Maintenance: maintenance cost that should go down, inspection costs that should go down.

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