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There are about 6 billion mobile devices in the world today, most of which are smart devices. We download more than 70 billion mobile applications every year. 77% of companies all over the world provide their staff with mobile devices and 66% already use mobile applications for their business.

Whether we’re just customers, consumers or employees, we’ve all taken smartphones and tablets totally on board by now. We use them everywhere and all the time in our private lives, because they’re easy and very effective: they help us organise our time, relationships and activities. And we expect the same experience when we go to work: straightforward and easy!

More than 4 out of 10 employees are mobile nowadays Businesses have been caught by the huge, global wave that is the concept of mobile internet, thanks to its democratisation. Employees arrive at the office with their devices and also want to use them for work, the so-called Bring Your Own Device phenomenon. IT departments must deal with this and are seeking appropriate solutions.

Moreover, business people have lots of new ideas for mobile applications. It all started with the marketing departments who very quickly realised the potential of mobile internet when it came to communication, but today this also extends to other business services that aim to simplify and optimise the work on a day to day basis.

The benefits of the mobile phone lie more concretely in increased productivity, cost reduction, process optimisation, i.e. increased effectiveness, agility and flexibility, reduced time-to-market and improved brand image.

IT is mainly looking for feasible solutions that provide guarantees with regard to secure and controlled data access,  that are easy to manage, durable and easy to integrate.

Let’s not forget how appealing these new technologies are in terms of attracting young talent that is particularly sensitive to this new way of working and to these tools.

What we offer: a One Stop Shop for all your mobile needs

NRB offers - in collaboration with its subsidiary Afelio - a 360° range of services covering all mobile needs businesses might have. This way, your business will only have one single point of contact for all it’s mobile IT requirements.


Our consultants will help you transform your business. They will assist you in redefining your processes, range of services and your competitive advantage. They will develop a mobile strategy and roadmap together with you.


We can manage the entire life cycle of mobile applications, whether these are standard products of the main editors or custom made applications.

Applications integration

NRB has plenty of skills and experience in integrating applications with back-end systems. In fact, thanks to the broad activities of the NRB Group, we can rely on the necessary complementary skills in BI, ECM, ERP, etc. and in technologies such as SAP, Microsoft, IBM, SAS...

Custom made applications

NRB and Afelio are able to develop any kind of custom made mobile application. Our methodology starts with a User Experience (UX) designer who will design the application concept and its functionalities, while focusing on the end user and his context. Then a specialised graphic designer will design the screens further making sure they match your house style. The third phase is the software development by iOS, Android, web or Windows experts and the integration of the application into your existing systems. Lastly, we can take care of corrective and evolutionary maintenance for your application all through its life cycle.

Digital publications with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Today more than ever, it is key to stand out by showing an innovative image throughout your communications. It is also essential to be fast, always faster, and the time required for design, execution, printing and distribution of a printed brochure, for example, often constitutes a constraint in a world that has gone digital .

Recourse to digital publication allows you to improve your image, to reduce your publication costs and to accelerate your time-to-market!

Part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, the AEM Mobile technology allows you to create and distribute all kinds of marketing content through the web, tablets and smart phones (Android, iOS or Windows). These digital publications are interactive. You can integrate rich media such as videohtml5 animations, 360° views, Google map s... and call upon native functionalities of the device on which they are consulted such as gyroscope, GPS, video camera, etc. 

We are the sole provider in Belgium to offer a complete range of services around this suite, such as:

  • Strategic advice (alignment with business objectives)
  • Creation of applications (viewer), for the web as well as for iOS, Android and Windows smart phones: user oriented design (UX), Graphical Design, Development, Integration and Maintenance
  • Production of content: storyboarding and production

Hosting and publishing

We can take care of the hosting and publishing of your mobile applications to your devices or to those of your customers and/or partners via a shared centralised platform managed by NRB. The publishing of you apps can also be realized through a public app store or through your enterprise app store.


NRB provides network services to supply your staff or customers mobile internet access, e.g. by installing Wi-Fi at your premises.


Our solutions allow us to guarantee secure mobile environments. We not only secure your mobile devices, but also the access to your network, to your applications and to your data.


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