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Business Intelligence with NRB 

NRB can assist you in defining and implementing Advanced Analytics projects within your organisation, while using market leading tools, and the skills of its professional and technical experts. During these projects, our approach consists of four phases:

  • DEFINE : Definition and roll-out of predictive scenarios based upon open questions or assumptions to verify 
  • PREPARE : Definition and rollout of Data Models enabling the analysis of targeted data
  • EXPLORE : Introduction of tools like Data Discovery (study, implementation, coaching, maintenance and hosting in SaaS mode, etc.)
  • DESIGN & MONITOR : Definition and introduction of Dashboards providing permanent insights of the organisation’s performance.

The goal of Business Intelligence is to give to the right person the right information in the right format. Our BI services include a broad scope of business deliverables to provide our customers the insights: strategic management (dashboards), activity monitoring and operational reporting. The following services are provided to implement these deliverables: BI-strategy definition and audit, Data Governance and modelling, BI Architecture, ETL or Extract, Transformation and Loading process, and BI visualisation (dashboards, reports,). Our services are provided in the form of consultancy, implementation, deployment, training, support and platform migration services.

  • Well identified business value (turning data into relevant information.
  • Validated data.
  • With the right format.
  • Updated with the right frequency.
  • With the quality needed
  • With the associated governance

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