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The economic value of the mainframe will extend beyond 2030, assures IBM... What if the mainframe simply cannot disappear?

This white paper details NRB’s vision and approach to this fascinating topic. We present a few use cases illustrating three AI technologies, sharing the obstacles and lessons we’ve learned. We also discuss the business case of an AI project we have conducted in the area of fraud detection in the insurance world. And finally, we invite the reader to explore with us the potential and relevance of AI.

Over the last decade, the interest of many companies in the public cloud has grown gradually. However, some forecasts predicting that a (large) majority of enterprise applications will be running in the cloud by 2020, are unlikely to materialise. In this context, the hybrid cloud is positioned as the best solution to facilitate the customised transition to on-demand IT consumption patterns without jeopardising the benefits of traditional IT.

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