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The objective of ETNIC is to be a centre of excellence in Information and Communication Technology within the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels. It seeks to provide the best possible response in terms of quality, cost, continuity and delivery time, in meeting the expectations of the public entities that are the beneficiaries of its services. Thanks to a competent and motivated team of more than 170 collaborators, ETNIC contributes to the development of a modern and effective public service for the citizens.

Since 2002, Etnic has been offering complete solutions for the development and management of information technologies for the services of the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels and of the bodies of public interest which depend on it.

Equip, train, assist, collaborate and develop high performance IT solutions for the beneficiaries are the company’s main missions, performed according to the requirements defined in a management contract with the Government of the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels.

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