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International organisations rely on Trasys International, business unit of NRB, to face their important challenges thanks to specific knowledge and technology. These challenges relate to climate change, globalization or even terrorism. We aim to enable them communicate and exchange information smoothly to safely implement new regulations and directives throughout Europe.

We mainly help them by designing, building and implementing customized and cost-effective software solutions. International organisations also count on us and our experts to properly staff their IT projects.

About Trasys International

Trasys International, business unit of NRB S.A., disposes of a delivery centre, Trasys Luxembourg, in Grand Duchy of Luxemboug,, and can call upon a team of more than 150 software developers in Athens, called Trasys Greece. 
Trasys International is specialised in the implementation and management of partnerships and consortia for the implementation of ICT projects for European institutions and agencies, national and international public organisations and international corporations and private organisations. 
Its mission is to provide specialised consulting and specific ICT solutions and services to help international public and commercial organisations to comply with international or European policies and regulations and to meet their digital transformation challenges: modernise (public) administrations, collaborate and promote digital workspaces, and fully capitalise on modern cloud computing and data centre technologies, while improving ICT security and cost efficiency.

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