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The introduction of renewable energy and its integration into the grid, the implementation of micro-grids, secure electricity supplies, electricity storage and the ease of changing suppliers will all have a major effect on energy players. They will be forced to make technology choices as well as invest in and accelerate their digital transformation processes.

Energy & Utilities’ market is characterised by various challenges: On one hand, they need to secure the supply of electricity and gas in a cost-effective way. On the other hand, not only are customers becoming better informed, but they are also investing in their own production capacity, which has to be integrated into the grid. As a result, transportation and distribution processes are becoming more complex, highlighting the need for important innovative transformation projects to guarantee business continuity.

The key to success is having the right information. Replacing outdated grid equipment with IP-driven technology that facilitates high-performance supervision and data acquisition systems enables real-time decisions and the optimal planning of interventions. Moreover, data mining techniques provide information about customer behaviour and sentiment, which can be used to create tailored marketing campaigns and personalise communication to optimise customer retention and avoid churn.


What we do for Energy and Utilities

  • Smart Grid

The energy market has changed and requires ever smarter grids to secure the supply.

Climate change, distributed production, blackouts, electric vehicles and conscientious customers – they have all impacted the way energy is produced, transported, distributed and consumed. The introduction of renewable energy and its distributed generation, the risk of insufficient electricity during peak consumption and the pressure on traditional/nuclear power generation mean that it is essential to have a real-time view of the complete energy process.

Our consultants will draw up your real-time roadmap of the future, implement state-of-the-art SCADA/DMS solutions and analyse the captured data to optimise maintenance and facilitate intervention with Field Force Automation. Our unique combination of business knowledge and IT expertise facilitates the integration of these solutions within the existing environment.

  • Smart Customers

Very well-informed customers require tailored marketing and communication.

In a globalised interconnected world, customers are becoming more knowledgeable and the support of energy regulators is helping them become even smarter than their suppliers. Gathering information about customer behaviour and sentiment helps suppliers to understand their buying habits better and optimise win-back strategies, so reducing churn.

Our business consultants and data scientists assist you to define the data that need to be gathered, set up data mining strategies and develop analytical models to analyse the data, so that together we can come up with the best marketing and communication strategies, boost sales activities by developing personalised web pages and give online customer information to direct sellers through Sales Force Automation.

  • Secure Energy

An open interconnected world requires strong security policies.

The smarter the grid, the more IP-based equipment and tools that will be implemented, and the more solutions that will be open to risk.

Our security consultants audit your environment, draw up a behaviour blueprint and install the right security tools & technologies to protect your activities at all levels of your business (real-time, back-office, front-office).


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