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SAP designs and markets Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software packages aimed at businesses and institutions. These packages cover logistics, accounts management and human resources requirements. For a few years now, SAP has been offering an extended range including solutions for Customer Relations Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and e-Commerce. The latest version of SAP’s ERP is S/4HANA, which is based entirely on the HANA in-memory computing platform and a modern user interface, with the user experience provided by SAP Fiori. Fiori is a SAP solution that provides optimised viewing for the user according to the device used, for office computers, smartphones and various types of tablets.

NRB has over 70 SAP consultants covering various areas, as well as many satisfied clients in the public sector, utilities and industry.

We are also a Gold Member of the SAP PartnerEdge Program for Value-Added Resellers (VAR), devoted to partner resellers of SAP licenses that offer added value in terms of deployment, expertise and support services.

NRB holds the following certifications:

sap certified hostingSAP Hosting Services: since 2011, NRB has been a certified SAP Hosting Partner. This confirms NRB’s status as a comprehensive supplier of SAP services and solutions, from the standard hosting of SAP environments to configuration and development, including the hosting of SAP platforms and solutions as a service (PaaS and SaaS). NRB is the first and only Belgian partner of SAP to obtain this certification.

SAP certified hanaSAP HANA Operation Services: this certification guarantees that NRB is able to deliver services for the solutions supplied by the SAP HANA platform, with a high level of operational quality. Currently, NRB hosts several clients operating on the HANA platform.

SAP partnerSAP Partner Center Of Excellence (PCOE). Since 2012, NRB has been PCOE certified. This guarantees to SAP solution clients that the organisation of support, SAP standards, as well as and the tools and skills assigned to problem solving are provided by the partner with a quality and consistency required by the publisher.

sap 4hana

NRB is also certified to sell and provide support for the latest SAP technology, S/4 HANA.


NRB has received awards from SAP on several occasions: Innovation Partner of the Year in 2013, Managed Cloud as a Service Partner of the Year in 2014 and, lastly, in conjunction with its subsidiary Xperthis, Innovation Partner of the Year in 2015.

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