Cloud Computing

Calling upon our hybrid cloud services means dealing with a single supplier for all your needs.

Thanks to our cloud services our customers and partners can benefit from the latest technologies without having to invest. It allows them not only to optimize the total cost of their IT environment; but also to take advantage of a highly secured and efficient shared environment at the forefront of technology. They receive a service that stays aligned with the evolution of their needs, including highs and lows.

NRB offers private cloud services from its own data centers situated in Herstal, near Liege.

Infrastructure as a Service

NRB offers infrastructural services (IAAS) both in a mainframe and a distributed environment. Each customer can ask for an environment that is configured, secured and managed according to his specific needs. To these basic services, he can appeal to additional NRB services such as the use of Databases as a service, storage, back-up or archiving of data or even ask for extra computing power  to cover specific (temporary) needs.

Platform as a Service

In addition, NRB has offers several Platforms as a Service , software environments on which our customers and partners can develop, host and manage their own applications and deliver them to their final users.

Hybrid cloud

NRB positions itself as a Cloud Broker and an integrator. We help our customers to find and choose the cloud solutions that best fit their needs and then assist them activating and integrating them within their existing environments.

Depending on the specific needs of each customer, certain services can be delivered from a public cloud, others from within the private cloud environment of NRB or even from the customer’s environment. NRB will accompany each customer to set up the best possible architecture.


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