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9 January 2023

The NRB Group intends to continue to develop and has many ambitions in this respect. The company wants to implement its new industrial plan, continue to develop new ICT services and invest in the 5G network as well as new technologies. In view of this, the Board of Directors has decided to appoint André Vanden Camp as Managing Director.

19 December 2022

The Board of Directors of the NRB group has validated the new industrial plan of the company which pursues its growth ambitions through the development of new ICT services, investments in the 5G network and new technologies for the benefit of its customers.

8 September 2022

Bart Donné is the new Chief Executive Officer of Computerland, part of the NRB Group since 2020. He succeeds Quentin Poncelet in this position.

21 June 2022

BIPT, the federal regulator of the telecom market, has granted 5G frequencies to NRB, the Belgian IT player in B2B.


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