Why partnerships?

To ensure your success, NRB combines its technical expertise, business knowledge and operational capacities with the products and services of the leading editors of technology in software, applications and infrastructure solutions.

NRB develops partnerships in which the quality of the relationship over the long term, the strategic vision and the capacity for innovation form the cornerstones.

The products and services of our partners are integrated into our portfolio based upon the added value they can provide to you. In other words, because of their impact on your performance and ultimately your sustainability.

Who are our partners?

Oracle is the largest supplier of business software in the world. Oracle is known for its software to manage relational databases, but its portfolio of solutions extends to application servers, middleware, business applications, development tools and materials, with a high-level integrated systems range.

DELL EMC is a software and high-performance storage systems company, and is the world leader in its field.

Cisco is the world leader in network technologies. Cisco was the first to produce and market routers enabling networks using different communication protocols to be interconnected.

VMware is the world leader in the field of virtualisation and cloud infrastructure software. VMware solutions enable IT complexity to be reduced and enable us to offer more flexible and agile services.


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