One out of three colleagues has benefited from career support in the company

Tuesday 19 January 2021
Creating your own career path within NRB, is encouraged, supported – and it’s widespread! Our group’s size, the diversity of our business lines and our projects offer a multitude of development opportunities for employees who envisage part of their career in a new light.
Regular meetings with the manager or career advisor are opportunities to discuss one’s development wishes. A unit within the HR team supports the colleagues who feel the need for change or development. Their mission is to understand these colleagues’ ambitions, to check whether they correspond to a current or future need, to identify possible solutions or training and support them throughout the process - because the wellbeing and development of our employees is essential to us! 
The company’s 60 business lines allow for many career opportunities. We have also mapped out the most natural career paths for each function in the company, both for those who have just qualified and those who have already been working for some years. 
Our colleagues work on increasingly complex issues, either within the company or in synergy with our subsidiaries. Juniors are accompanied by our experts, who generously share all the tricks of the trade with them. Opportunities for development on a personal level, or in cutting-edge technologies or to animate communities of practice are offered to the more experienced. 
And these are not empty words: over the last four years 30% of our colleagues have had the opportunity to be accompanied by the HR team to develop their skills towards new business skills or new technologies.
Rather than to talk about it at length, we prefer to let four colleagues speak. 
NRB is a fast-growing company where life is good.
Enjoy your journey! Be part of our community!




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