NRB has been awarded Top Employer certification for the second year running

Thursday 20 January 2022
NRB, Belgium’s second largest IT company, is proud to announce that it has been awarded Top Employer certification for the second year running. Last year, this announcement was accompanied by the prospect of hiring a hundred new employees. In the end, more than 200 people joined the company in 2021. To accommodate the company’s growth, more than 200 new hires are expected in 2022. In the context of a significant shortage of talent in the IT sector, this new certification confirms that NRB’s attraction as an employer is not coincidental but is based on its proactive HR practices.
Certification by the Top Employers Institute is awarded after an in-depth analysis of the totality of a company’s human resources management practices. Every year, the auditors choose to look closely at a particular area. This year the focus was on wellbeing issues and the way in which companies’ values are translated into their daily business activities and processes.
“We are particularly pleased with this new certification in view of the focus chosen by the auditors”, says Chief Human Resources Officer Anne Gemine. “Throughout 2021 we took care to actively support our personnel’s wellbeing, despite teleworking and the health situation. There are preventive measures in place, as there are everywhere. But we have made sure that these mechanisms are known and valued both collectively and individually, so that everyone feels empowered to call for help. This is NRB’s DNA.”
Including the subsidiaries, the NRB group currently has around 3,500 employees. “The company and its subsidiaries are constantly growing. In addition, there is covid and teleworking. Under these circumstances, cultivating close and authentic contact within the teams is an ever-present challenge and priority, explains Anne Gemine. “For a company that is constantly growing, like NRB, retaining and recruiting new employees are major strategic issues. But the job market in our sector is very tight, so NRB’s Top Employer certification is a nice recognition of our initiatives”, continues Anne Gemine. 
To stand out and attract talent in this tight market, CEO Pascal Laffineur emphasizes another NRB asset: “our employees are looking for a job that makes sense. Thanks to the quality of our technologies and their purposes, our teams contribute to our mission by genuinely simplifying life for companies, citizens and public authorities.” This positioning enabled NRB to hire 235 people in 2021. More than 200 new hires are planned for 2022, in the fields of infrastructure, applications, architecture, security, and consulting. 

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