Maintaining your current SCADA has become impossible or very expensive? Do you miss an accurate and up-to-date view on production? Do you lack a full history of assets and products?

In order to ensure a reliable, timely, high-quality and cost-effective supply for your customers, you need:

  • Full knowledge and control of your production and distribution equipment and processes
  • Lay the foundations for predictive maintenance

What can SCADA do for you?

SCADA allows organisations in the manufacturing, infrastructure, building and utilities industries to control, monitor and manage processes and field equipment and to integrate them into the global IT  company landscape.

Operating your plant

  • Collecting data on equipment status
  • Archiving equipment measurements
  • Controling the production process
  • Setting up equipment and production processes
  • Reporting on the production status

Detecting abnormal situations

  • Calculating performance indicators to detect abnormal situations
  • Highlighting alerts in overview displays
  • Showing detailed information in pop-up windows
  • Providing guidance on problem solving


Set up or upgrade your Wonderware ArchestrA system

Make it cost-effective and simple to maintain through standard modules:

  • Data Acquisition Server: Exchanges data with field equipment
  • Application Server: Processes collected data
  • Human Machine Interface: Operator interface to monitor and control equipment.
  • Historian: Database for archiving historical data
  • Other functional modules for: Manufacturing execution, batch,quality analysis, mobility, reporting, manufacturing intelligence, predictive maintenance, etc.

Tangible benefits: Improved processes and guaranteed products traceability.

Industrial Solutions Integration

After modelling your plant in the SCADA system, NRB integrates it with the field or remote equipment. Besides this integration, we develop reports and screens that allow users to operate the production. We also configure the data archiving in the Historian. Specific components are developed to meet specific requirements, such as calculations for the detection of abnormal situations. Furthermore, for migration projects we can use our own tools to partially automate the migration from other SCADA systems such as CIMVIEW.

NRB also offers a unique blend of people certified in Wonderware System Platform, Microsoft .NET and SAP.

Why our customers work with us:

  • Track record in maintaining and upgrading Wonderware systems
  • Experienced both in realtime (Wonderware) and business (SAP) sytems
  • Analytics for abnormal situation detection
  • Evolution towards predictive maintenance


In us they trust...

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