Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time.


Technology environments are increasingly heterogeneous and complex and often require rigorous compliance requirements. In this context, users need up-to-date access to their own resources, while organisations must be sure that such access is limited to the business needs and updated as required. This can lead to high operational costs and compliance efforts, which do not always run smoothly.


Maintaining the business data flow while simultaneously managing access has always required administrative and operational attention. The business IT environment is ever evolving however, and difficulties have only become greater with recent disruptive trends like bring-your-own-device (BYOD), cloud computing, mobile apps and an increasingly mobile workforce.

Identity and Access Management Services

Companies need to enable a significant increase in operational agility to support – securely – new business initiatives. In order to do so, companies must develop business-aligned IAM capabilities. IAM technology can be used to initiate, capture, record and manage user identities and their related access permissions in an automated fashion. This ensures that access privileges are granted according to one interpretation of policy and all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorised and audited.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Replacement of user passwords with a single authentication such as a password, biometrics, a smartcard or a radio badge.

Identity and Access Management

  • Consulting and analysis on asset inventory
  • Risk assessment
  • Design and architecture
  • Solution selection, RFP advice
  • Solution implementation and integration
  • Maintenance and support

Auditing and Compliance

  • Auditing and logging
  • Automatic recertification of rights
  • Compliance workflows
  • Compartmentalisation to ensure compliance with integrity and confidentiality rules

Identity and Access Management Use Cases

  • Deploy identity management to provide online services to citizens
  • Formalise and control application administrators requesting ad-hoc privileged access
  • Ensure administrators have privileged access in emergencies
  • Control  process where applications or cron jobs use a shared privilege ID
  • Formalise and control process where multiple network administrators share a single superuser account on a network device.

Identity and Access Management Benefits

Tangible Results

More fluid business processes, thanks to authorisations approval workflow that ensures user access rights comply with the application access policy.

Automatic compliance to international regulations, with a significant decrease in auditing costs.

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NRB IAM team, provides clients with a complete, integrated and modular solution for digital identity management and access governance compatible with their security policies and new regulatory requirements.


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