EverZinc Testimonial - Migration to NRB's NECS hybrid cloud

Matthieu Libbrecht is IT Manager Group at EverZinc, the world leader in the production of zinc-based chemicals. In January 2022, EverZinc entrusted all of its IT infrastructure to NRB with the migration of its servers to NECS (NRB's hybrid cloud solution). In this video, we look back at the initial problem, the challenges, the solutions provided and the benefits obtained from this collaboration. 
What was the initial problem?
We were looking for a partner to support us in our daily work and IT development, because our former partner was a rather imposing partner with very cumbersome procedures, which led to a lack of efficiency and flexibility. 
In addition, the platform on which our servers were running was outdated. We were therefore looking for a more local and flexible partner. 
What solutions are provided?
We are running on NRB's NECS platform, which allows us to manage our servers independently while drawing on NRB's expertise and maintenance. It also allows us to have a platform without capacity problems and without being attached to the public cloud, which is beneficial for us. 
What benefits are obtained?
There are many benefits. First, a very user friendly platform and a reduction in costs and a scalable platform. 
And where are you today? 
All our servers have been migrated to NRB data centers. Then, we will expand the scope of services provided by NRB on a variety of subjects such as the network or cybersecurity. 
Why NRB?
For us, NRB is a local player with an international vision, like EverZinc, two Liège-based companies, two local companies with an international vision.

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