Invitation to a virtual guide to BelgiumDC, NRB’s state of the art Data Centre

Thursday 10 December 2020
How do you assess a (potential) partner to entrust your ICT- systems and applications to? Go and have a look at his set up and make your own judgement. 
BelgiumDC in Villers-Le-Bouillet is one of the two data centre sites of NRB, the Belgian leading ICT service provider. It was built in 2017 in partnership with Etix Everywhere, the European datacentre specialist. With 30 km in between them, the main data centres of the NRB headquarters in Herstal, and BelgiumDC, are connected by dark fibre, and form a fully integrated, georedundant and centrally managed infrastructure. 
Security and Continuity
You will witness how Intelligent building management systems control and manage the functioning of all constituent elements of the datacentre: 24/7/365 physical security systems, including surveillance cameras and presence detectors, next to advanced automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems.
Enter the datacentre through a smart single person lock with biometric control. Wander through the cold corridors and have a look at the latest generation of technologies housing and hosting numerous types of servers, storage & back-up systems and even z15-mainframes. 
You will be impressed by the rigorous management of every detail: power supply and distribution, network cabling, cooling, air and humidity control. No single detail is left unmanaged. 
An environment that impresses. No wonder prime private and public organisations entrust their systems, applications and data to it.

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