Frédéric Deboudt becomes the new CEO of Groupe Trigone Informatique

Thursday 1 April 2021
Frédéric Deboudt succeeds Denis Burtin as Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Trigone Informatique, the Paris-based services company specialised in the management and maintenance of mainframe and other IT systems.
Groupe Trigone Informatique joined the NRB Group, one of the leading IT service providers in Belgium, in October last year. Frédéric Deboudt, the new CEO, replaces Denis Burtin who founded Groupe Trigone Informatique in 1982. He joins Trigone to continue the company’s development in France.
Trigone realised a turnover of €5 million in 2019 and currently employs 70 people with specific technical skills in IBM Z and distributed systems. Trigone offers a wide range of systems management services, both remotely and on site. Mainframe-related activities account for 60% of its turnover. The company also offers consulting services and has developed significant expertise in system migrations.
The new CEO, Frédéric Deboudt, holds a master’s degree in applied computer science from the University of Paris XI-Orsay, a postgraduate degree in business computer science from the University of Paris IX-Dauphine and an MBA from Cambridge. He has 35 years of experience in the IT sector, acquired within companies such as IBM, Capgemini, CGI and Fujitsu. He has extensive knowledge of information and communication technologies (ICT), both in the infrastructure and development areas, as well as solid experience in sales, product and service development, personnel management, and leadership.
Denis Burtin, the current CEO, will remain at Trigone as transition manager. He will be responsible for facilitating the integration of Frédéric Deboudt and passing on his knowledge and expertise.
“I would like to thank Denis Burtin for his involvement in his new position and I wish Frédéric every success in his mission to develop Trigone within the NRB Group,” commented Pascal Laffineur, CEO of the NRB Group. “Thanks to Trigone, our joint mainframe competence centre has become unique with more than 350 mainframe specialists, able to support the mainframe operations of large public, financial or industrial groups in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Together, Trigone and NRB Group want to be drivers of the digital transformation of private and public organisations, as a strong partner offering a reliable local alternative to international competition.”

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