EUR 577.5 million: NRB Group achieves its highest ever turnover

Monday 29 April 2024

NRB Group, one of the leaders in IT services in Belgium and across Europe, announces its financial results for 2023. Recording an exceptional turnover of 577.5 million euros and relying on the expertise of 3,670 employees, the Group reaffirms its position as an essential partner in the market, offering digital solutions tailored to today's and tomorrow's challenges, aligned with the needs of its clients.

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Key figures

The NRB Group reports a turnover of EUR 577.5 million, an increase of EUR 72.1 million on the results generated in 2022. The operating profit (EBIT) was EUR 25.1 million and the gross operating profit (EBITDA) is calculated to be EUR 48.1 million.

The technological solutions developed by the Group’s employees are all aimed at both the public and the private sectors.

The NRB Group embraces innovation to anticipate its clients’ needs

Thanks to its integrated innovation strategy, the NRB Group has established itself as an indispensable partner in supporting the digital transformation of organizations, offering them cybersecurity and cloud solutions, as well as cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence, big data and numerous other areas.

Our 3,670 employees are attentive to the needs expressed by our clients, whether it be, for example, organizing the migration of data to a public, private, or hybrid cloud (stack transition) or investing in new technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions. “Every day, the NRB Group builds its future around its commitment to innovation, sustainability and the development of lasting relationships of trust. Our ambition is to remain at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring the success of our clients in a constantly evolving world”, explains André Vanden Camp, CEO of the NRB Group.

A solid technological partner in Belgium…

All of the subsidiaries of the NRB Group work daily to meet market requirements and offer comprehensive coverage of technological needs. NRB S.A. serves large organisations, both public and private; Civadis and Cevi focus on the public sector; Prodata provides its expertise in cybersecurity in the Brussels and Flemish Region; Computerland and Win support SMEs; while ZORGI innovates in the hospital sector. “By putting people at the heart of its strategy, the NRB Group underlines the crucial importance of its employees’ skills and commitment to the success of the company. With teams made up of recognised experts in the fields of business and information technology, we are committed to putting our expertise at the service not only of technological challenges, but also of society as a whole, to actively contribute to its development. By encouraging professional development and creating an inclusive work environment, our aim is to make every action meaningful, benefitting both our clients and our employees”, continues André Vanden Camp, CEO of the NRB Group.

… and across Europe!

Solutions developed by the NRB Group are available in Belgium and across Europe, too. Trigone's strong presence in the French market underscores its influential role in the sector. NRB International Organisations strengthens the Group’s presence within European institutions from many countries including Luxembourg, as well as in Romania, Italy, and Greece. “Our objective is to bring more value to our clients and prospects, by fully exploiting the collaborative capabilities of our ecosystem both in Belgium and in Europe”, confirms André Vanden Camp.

Sustainable, environment-friendly solutions

The NRB Group is developing its business, while remaining true to its historic values: respect for the environment, our employees’ well-being and good governance.

In January 2024, NRB S.A. was awarded its fourth consecutive Top Employer certification. This award highlights the entirety of the company’s human resources initiatives, starting with the digitalisation of training via the online platform Lucy, the quality of our onboarding and our ability to attract new talent. “The value of a company lies in its personnel. Fulfilled employees are totally committed to their work and to providing the client with good quality service. It is therefore essential to offer good working conditions, to respect the work-life balance and to offer career and development opportunities, without forgetting time for relaxation”, adds Laurence Mathieu, CEO of NRB S.A.

The NRB Group is also investing heavily in reducing its carbon footprint. In 2023, 1957 tonnes of CO2 were not released into the atmosphere thanks to the wind turbine and 940 photovoltaic panels installed on the historic Herstal site. By 2050, all of these ecological initiatives should enable the Group to achieve its objective of reducing its carbon emissions by 100%.

View the 2023 Annual Report


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