AFELIO Trends National Gazelle 2020 "Medium-sized enterprises"

Thursday 18 June 2020
Afelio has scored twice!  On  March 11, Afelio already won the "Trends Gazelles" for the province of Liège. Now, Afelio has once again been elected ambassador of the Trends Gazelles 2020, in the category "medium-sized companies", this time at the national level! 
For the 19th year in a row, the editors of Trends-Tendances and Trends have selected the companies that have developed strongly over a period of 5 years. This was first done per province and now also on a national level. These "Trends Gazelles" are selected and classified based on their growth figures: growth in turnover, growth in personnel and growth in cash flow. 
Unfortunately, the coronavirus crisis does not allow the traditional award ceremony of the National Gazelles at the end of June, but the price list remains unchanged. 
Afelio, the software factory of the NRB Group
Afelio, the software factory of the NRB Group, is specialised in the development of tailor-made software. Afelio strives for optimal alignment between business and IT through its unique agile and user centric approach during the development and implementation of custom applications. Afelio can also count on the support and infrastructure of a large group such as NRB. 
Winning the Trends Gazelle award is a great recognition of this Liège company, founded less than 10 years ago by a group of four people. In the meantime, Afelio is indeed able to show great results: a permanently rising employment curve to more than 100 people and a turnover that grows from 1.8 million in 2014 to 10 million euros in 2019. 
Afelio is a unique company that stands out for its young, dynamic and highly motivated teams that dare to tread new paths. The Trends Gazelles are therefore an encouraging invitation to continue their path of innovation.
Olivier Lallemand underlines the philosophy Afelio defines: "We create digital solutions that reflect the workings of the real world rather than just modelling what the business demands of us. Our approach is a matter of methodology and not just of technologies or models. It is a form of lateral thinking. We place UX as the basis for every design process, delivering software that meets user expectations".
Here is an excerpt of the article published in Trends on 18 June 2020 (French only):
«Fondée en 2013, Afelio est une filiale du groupe NRB. Au sein de ce dernier, elle conçoit, développe et implémente des applications web, mobiles et de desktop, pilotées par l'expérience utilisateur. Basée à Liège, elle emploie actuellement 130 personnes dont 30 freelances et réalise un chiffre d'affaires d'une dizaine de millions d'euros. Elle a connu ces dernières années une progression moyenne de l'ordre de 15% par an. Cette forte croissance a bénéficié du soutien du groupe NRB qui lui a fait profiter de ses canaux de vente. De son côté, Afelio a apporté de nouveaux services au groupe qui a permis à ce dernier d'étoffer son offre.»
Find the whole article of the Trends-Tendance, here
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