Risk Management

Risk Management enables security to be aligned with business processes.


The interconnectedness of markets means that risk can crop up unexpectedly from anywhere around the globe, causing volatility and uncertainty and increasing pressure on Risk Managers.

The alignment of security with critical business processes is key to ensuring that an organisation’s assets are effectively protected. Achieving this goal requires the adoption of an overall governance and risk management approach.


Security is just about aligning a roadmap of projects to defend organisational infrastructure, sensitive data, critical assets and business processes. As Risk Manager, you have to:

  • Rely on accurate data
  • Deploy solid methodologies
  • Ensure that the decisions of Risk and Senior Management takes into account a variety of issues and alternatives.

Risk Management Services

By analysing risk and assessing the potential the impact of risk on the business, companies can identify the most serious threats and decide what activities to put in place in order to mitigate them. A robust risk management programme represents an opportunity to realise tangible benefits that preserve the long term value of a company. In order to fully achieve this however, you need experts that can help you through their experience and advice to improve company wide risk management practices.

Security Audits

Opinion audits are based on ISO27001 and include strategic roadmaps, benchmarking, recommendations and “board level” presentations. Audits deliver:

  • ISO 27001 opinion audits and recommendations
  • Multi-annual security strategy and roadmap, resulting from a gap analysis between the AS-IS and TO-BE analysis of an organisation’s critical assets, business objectives and security controls.
  • Security governance: creation of policies and procedures to define and maintain the appropriate security controls, in line with the business-critical processes of the organisation
  • Privacy assessments

Risk Management Services

We establish a truly global risk approach, completely aligned with cyber security risks. This module delivers:

  • Effective, quick win strategy and roadmap: identification, analysis and evaluation of overall risks
  • Advice on how to reduce organisational vulnerabilities in respect of low-probability, high-impact events
  • Help and hands-on experience on how to devise and deploy risk mitigation approaches focusing on likely-to-be risk scenarios
  • Set up of risk management model and coaching

Business Continuity Services 

These include cock-pit plans to maintain basic functions during a disaster/attack, management of crises and the return to normal operations in the shortest possible time. This module delivers:

  • Business continuity plans: structured approach to help an organisation guarantee the required level of functioning in the case of a disaster, as well as recover and resume normal business
  • Crisis management: structured plans to ensure that communication and cooperation with external parties are carried out in the agreed and most efficient manner (press, vendors, customers, competitors, and the like)
  • Set up of BCP exercises and maintenance
  • Development and execution of awareness sessions and trainings

Security Awareness & Training

Security trainings and roadshows can increase the security buy-in from the work-force. This module includes:

  • Security awareness sessions for management and employees, with simulated attacks to help users understand how to recognise and how to behave when under attack
  • Hands-on security workshops for developers
  • Customised security trainings – Industrial Systems

Risk Management Benefits: Tangible Results

Manage security at the speed of business and increase agility, alignment, adaptability and assurance.

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