Active Data Protection

Active Data Protection enables to protect unstructured data in any file format, on any device, throughout the entire data lifecycle.


In today’s volatile security climate, accidental or malicious data leakage can seriously damage the financial position and long-term brand integrity of a firm. Critical information – such as formulas, industry secrets and customer data – can reside anywhere within a borderless organisation. The protection of this data is key to maintaining a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace, safeguarding its brand and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Classification is an important milestone in this process.


As Information Security & Risk professional, you have to:

  • Assess data, protect privacy and identify a governance model,
  • Enable policy-led implementation of classification and for any document, on site and in the cloud (all ECM included),
  • Integrate IRM (Information rights management) platforms into existing business processes.

Data Assessment And Privacy 

Identify, understand and address any privacy issues within any process that involves the processing of personal data. Prepare to identify a governance model.

NRB security consultants can support you in any privacy and data protection initiative,  and that throughout any business process and project: when building new IT systems for storing or accessing personal data; when new legislation, policy or strategies with privacy implications are coming into being, when embarking on a data sharing initiative; or using data for new purposes.

Data assessment and privacy allow to:

  • Identify potential problems at an early stage, with less impact on business and cost,
  • Increase awareness of privacy and data protection across an organisation,
  • Meet legal obligations and decrease the cost of incurring fines,
  • Design a Privacy-By-Design approach, so to ensure user-friendliness and decrease privacy intrusiveness in business processes.

Policy-Led Classification

Automated, policy-driven classification of unstructured data, at the very beginning of the information lifecycle, allows you to classify and protect data from any user, application location or device using a single unified platform. With our solution, data is intercepted at the moment it is created or enters the organization, from any source. Immediately, it is classified, according to configurable criteria covering content and context, (such as source, destination, application, user, data type, patterns, phrases, etc.).As a consequence, data is immunized with persistent file classification, file tagging and file encryption – allowing only authorized people to use it.

Policy-led classification allows to:

  • Persistently classify any type of file, at rest, in motion and in use, according to the enterprise policy,
  • Apply a hybrid solution that offers: 
    • automatic and transparent classification,
    • user-determined, manual classification
    • a recommendation classification option for the end-user to confirm.

Encryption And IRM Platforms Intergration

Information Rights Management offers businesses a potential new level of information security. A persistent problem, however, has been the fact that mainstream IRM engines have difficulty smoothly integrating into existing business processes. Together with our solution partner Secure Islands, NRB has successfully addressed this issue by adding a simple yet powerful policy layer based on persistent classification of data from any enterprise source. Fully automating IRM by classification on endpoints (including PCs, mobile and tablets), repositories and ECM systems instantly broadens IRM coverage to include any file format, mail, web page, or application field based on a central policy. 

With ongoing data-centric risk assessment and reporting, auditing and forensics based on big-data analytics, we enable organisations to stay in control of their sensitive data at all times.

Classification driven encryption and IRM allow to:

  • Protect industrial secrets and intellectual property,
  • Pre-empt advanced persistent threat attacks,
  • Control privileged users and external providers,
  • Encrypt file formats according to the enterprise policy.

Secure Islands business uses-cases:

Business Benefits : Tangible Results

  • Regain data control by identifying, classifying and protecting unstructured critical data.
  • Avoid information leakage.
  • Create a competitive advantage by safeguarding business critical assets.

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NRB offers a unique blend of IT Security Solutions to assist CIOs in protecting critical information, aligning security with business processes, managing identities and access and protecting critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

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