Sibelga: development of a Data Hub to promote the energy transition

Discover how the collaboration between Sibelga and NRB, the operator of the Brussels gas and electricity distribution network, helps meet the new eco-responsible needs of citizens.

The union of technology and ecology opens up new opportunities to combat climate change.

Sibelga, at the heart of energy distribution in Brussels, has developed, in partnership with NRB, a Data Hub capable of storing the large volume of data captured by smart meters. It helps to promote the energy transition and facilitate new consumption patterns, such as energy sharing (for example, between neighbours) and energy flexibility (consuming energy when it is green). “These new IT tools are helping citizens consume their energy differently. The smart meter is a key element in this transition because it generates valuable data on a daily basis,” explains Frédéric Lhost, Head of the Markets & Metering Unit at Sibelga.

A mobile application is also being prepared, in collaboration with NRB, to allow users to track their energy consumption interactively. Stefan Onselaere, Manager of the Energy Transition Team at Sibelga, highlights NRB’s crucial role in “the technical support and development of this IT architecture”.

This partnership between Sibelga and NRB is a great example of how technology and innovation can lead to positive and sustainable changes for our environment.

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