Partena Professional Testimonial - Exadata Oracle Migration by NRB

From an outdated infrastructure to NRB's shared Exadata infrastructure: assessment of a successful Oracle business-critical migration!
Steeve Pourbaix, Database Administrator Team Lead at Partena Professional, the preferred social secretariat for entrepreneurs, explains the initial problem encountered, the challenges, solutions provided and benefits obtained following the collaboration of NRB. 


Partena Professional's critical Oracle databases were initially hosted on a complex, oversized and ageing infrastructure which caused instability, performance and sometimes database corruption issues. 
Partena Professional has outsourced the management of its Oracle databases to NRB's Exadata-as-a-service through a joint re-architecture project. 
It is a real gain for Partena Professional, as expressed by Steeve Pourbaix: “We were able to refocus our database activities towards the business activities of Partena Professional to better develop our solutions by leaving the day-to-day management of our databases to NRB in full confidence.” 
He concludes: “Concretely today, it's an environment that runs on its own that I hardly have to deal with any more and that opens the door to several possibilities, all geared towards the future.”

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