Pascal Laffineur nominated as Trends Manager of the year 2022

Tuesday 8 November 2022
We are very proud to announce the nomination of our CEO, Pascal Laffineur, as Trends Manager of the year 2022. 
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What you didn’t yet know about Pascal Laffineur. 
Pascal Laffineur has a keen interest in cutting-edge technology and projects. Even as a child, he was excited to see the first man walk on the moon. His current wish? To see the first man set foot on Mars! It comes quite naturally to him when he says: “I see my role as a manager a bit like James Webb’s telescope: innovative, inspiring and always aiming further. ”
He shares this passion with his students as a "Strategy & Innovation" lecturer at ICHEC. For him, the transfer of knowledge and experience to the new generation is the key to tomorrow's success! In the recent years, he multiplied his appearances as a speaker on the role of digital in our society at high schools and universities. 
Pascal Laffineur developed a strong experience in team leadership during his professional career in Belgium and internationally. He has also managed significant changes, particularly in the field of acquisitions and business integration.
In 2016, Pascal Laffineur became CEO of NRB, where he conveys values such as innovation, inspiration and team spirit. The strategy put in place will also pay off since the NRB Group closed its 2017-2022 strategic plan with a one-year advance in 2021! 
The new challenge: achieving 750 million in revenue for 2026. 
Thank you in advance for your help!
1. NRB employees
 2. Renaud Mazy, CEO at Saint-Luc University Hospital

3. Wanda Graisse Orts, student ICHEC and young entrepreneure


4. Julien Tchernia, PDG of ekWateur




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