NRB wins 5G frequencies that offer high value-added prospects for private and public organisations

Tuesday 21 June 2022
BIPT, the federal regulator of the telecom market, has granted 5G frequencies to NRB, the Belgian IT player in B2B. This historic decision is a reflection of this new technology: it is revolutionising the landscape of telecommunications and connectivity by offering a particular interest in solving business problems.
The process of granting 5G frequencies began several months ago. NRB had applied alongside traditional players in the telecom sector and was therefore seen as an outsider. Pascal Laffineur, CEO of NRB, explains his group's strategic decision: "NRB is not going to start selling subscriptions to individuals. Our business is B2B and this is purpose for which we will use the frequencies obtained. We know that 5G will very quickly become an essential condition for competitiveness and efficiency of companies and public services. It was therefore crucial for our customers to be able to count on a local player, who knows them well, to immediately embark on this new stage of the digital revolution."  
A key IT player in Belgium, NRB has in a few years become the partner in management, local cloud, security and data analysis. It is now preparing to be a key player in the exploitation of 5G technology, allowing connections of unprecedented speed and stability, which will considerably transform the lives of private and public organisations, covering all sectors.
In concrete terms, NRB will inaugurate its "5G Innovation Lab" on 24 June at its Hauts-Sarts site in the Liège region. This is where NRB teams will design use cases and applications with very high added value, exploiting 5G in the various sectors in which NRB is active, and in particular utilities, industry, logistics, hospitals, smart cities and public services. 

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