NRB receives the Top Employer certification for the third consecutive year

Tuesday 17 January 2023
NRB is proud to announce that it has been awarded the “Top Employer Belgium” certification for the third consecutive year. This award illustrates the company’s many efforts in terms of expansion, career development, internal mobility and attention to the comfort and well-being of its employees. In the future, NRB intends to continue carrying out several human resource initiatives in order to offer its staff the best conditions and attract future top IT talent.
NRB is delighted with this recognition as it heads into 2023
The Top Employer Institute, an international organisation, has once again praised the many advances made by NRB in managing its human resources, particularly in terms of welcoming new colleagues, digitising tools, employer branding, working environment, and the teleworking convention and policy. “We are very proud to have received this certification, which rewards our company’s constant commitment to providing our employees with the best working conditions. We ensure that every employee feels comfortable in their job and thrives in our company. For us, valuing employee skills is a fundamental element of our success, and this certification proves that we are on the right track. We will continue to implement initiatives to provide the best career opportunities for our employees,” explains Henri Thonnart, CEO of NRB.
This certification highlights all the initiatives deployed daily to offer a fulfilling and caring work environment for all employees. In point of fact, NRB has provided itself with the means to achieve its ambitions by launching actions such as training for managers, particularly to support changes in the company, and regular surveys to take the organisation’s pulse. “This certification is a valuable recognition. It demonstrates our commitment to employees and our determination to ensure their well-being by nurturing the proximity and authenticity of contact between colleagues. This creates a positive and stimulating work environment,” explains Anne Gemine, Chief Human Resources Officer.
The “Top Employer” quality label allows the company to remain particularly attractive on the job market, as evidenced by the recruitment of hundreds of new employees in 2022. In an increasingly competitive market, IT talents are attracted by the optimal working conditions and the opportunity to grow within the company throughout their careers.
Today, the NRB Group has 3300 employees, including the subsidiaries. This figure, which is still expected to grow in the coming years, doesn’t prevent the company from retaining its human side. “We will continue to implement best practices in our human resources to maintain this recognition, retain our employees and keep attracting top talent in a competitive marketplace,” concludes Gemine.

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