NRB ensures continuity in this time of crisis

Thursday 2 April 2020
"We, like you and almost the whole world, are amid the Corona crisis. These are very uncertain times, and no one knows what the impact of this crisis will be on our society and businesses. Our primary concern now is the health of our employees, our customers and everyone we care about. At the same time, of course, we do not forget that NRB is responsible for the ICT systems of public, private and healthcare organisations that are essential to the functioning of this country. That's why we have a crucial responsibility in ensuring the continuity and quality of our services, particularly in a difficult period such as the one we are going through. We - the entire NRB team - therefore make every effort to remain that reliable, flexible and decisive IT service provider for all our clients, even in more difficult times. In that context, I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all NRB staff for their exceptional commitment. And I would also like to thank you, NRB's client, partner or relationship, for the trust you have placed in NRB all this time".

Pascal Laffineur,

Chief Executive Officer NRB

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How to ensure continuity in times of crisis?

  • Patrick Blazy, responsable for the Data Centers operations of the NRB Group, explains: 

  • Fabian Dodet, responsible of the Service Desk of the NRB Group, explains: 

  • Manon Filon, Digital Transformation & Innovation Consultant, & Nicolas Dumazy, Chief Strategy & Data officer, explain the co-creation project "App4You" of NRB and Ethias:

  • Jean-Marc Duyckaerts, Project Manager for The NRB Group, explains:


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