PC’s for schools

Tuesday 17 November 2020
An action to reduce the digital divide
This year, the NRB Group is joining Ethias in donating its decommissioned PC ‘s to DigitalForYouth, an association whose mission is to reduce the digital divide in Belgium by providing functional PCs to schools. In total, NRB, Civadis, and Xperthis will donate around 100 PCs. Ethias will supply 175 PC’s.
These PCs will be delivered to DigitalForYouth, which will prepare them for their second life: repairs, possible updates and installation of operating systems. The association will then forward the PCs to the relevant organisations, which will deliver them to the schools. The schools will then be able to distribute them to secondary school students in need.
It is a small gesture, but one that takes on its full importance this year, when the lack of computer equipment or home Internet connections is jeopardising the schooling of many pupils in precarious situations. Let us hope that this small gesture generates numerous smiles, and just as many opportunities to learn more serenely! 

Download the press release here


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