Belgian hospitals optimise their financial and logistical processes thanks to SAP HANA implemented by Xperthis

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Hospitals are facing considerable digital challenges and the need to innovate has never been greater.The flow of data to be processed each day is huge.Technological innovations helping hospitals to process data are currently available.For this reason, the finance and logistics departments of 50 hospitals were looking for internal process support.

Half of all Belgian hospitals use ERP for Healthcare (ERP4HC), an ERP solution provided by Xperthis, subsidiary of NRB specialised in IT solutions for the health care sector. ERP4HC standardises their financial and logistical back-office processes. Innovation has played a key role in the development of this ERP project. NRB’s SAP partner Xperthis has therefore opted for the implementation of the SAP HANA platform and the SAP Fiori interface.

By migrating the existing ERP4HC solution to the new SAP HANA platform, vast amounts of data can be processed more quickly in real time. Since the transaction speed is significantly higher, response times are noticeably shorter and financial information is available in just a few seconds, the main transactions can be carried out 1.5 to 3 times faster.

The transition from the ERP4HC environment to SAP HANA is an important step for Xperthis, but also for our clients, the hospitals, which are now able to work more efficiently,” explains Melchior Wathelet, CEO of Xperthis.

The ERP system processes large quantities of data, and a great number of files can be accessed. The hospitals therefore expected significant improvements in performance.

The actual results of the migration to the SAP HANA database have immediately become evident and are quite sensational in certain fields.The greatest performance improvements have been observed particularly in specific modules, making it possible to  monitor patients’ payments:the average lead time has been reduced from approximately ten hours to only a few minutes,” says Melchior Wathelet.

 Alain Georgy, Managing Director of SAP BeLux, confirms: “The collaboration between SAP and Xperthis, which has the necessary experience in hospital management software, has once again proved to be very successful.The in-memory HANA platform provides access to data and in real time, as well as analyses; the SAP Fiori interface gives the user a personalised experience.Improving and accelerating hospitals’ financial and logistic processes and thus making them more profitable was extremely important for Xperthis as well as for SAP.”

 With the implementation of the SAP HANA platform, a flexible and solid foundation has been laid for continuous innovation and expansion to other hospitals, both in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Xperthis continues to work in close collaboration with SAP in order to make the most efficient use of the SAP HANA database and develop new functionalities and new modules on the basis of the Fiori applications to facilitate the operation of hospitals.

Xperthis - digital solutions for smarter patient care

Xperthis is the Belgian specialist in digital solutions for the health care sector. Created in 2011 through the fusion of Polymedis, Partezis and Xtenso, Xperthis acquired Mims and Ciges in 2015 so as to complete its offer and become market leader. With over 200 employees, Xperthis has a turnover of approximately € 30 million.

Xperthis is part of the NRB Group which is among the top 3 of the IT sector in Belgium, generating a turnover of € 317 million and employing over 2000 people.


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