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Our Data Centers are situated in distinct buildings on our Herstal campus (Parc Industriel des Hauts Sarts), near Liege. This location in Belgium is ideal, being very close to the Netherlands and Germany. and without any SEVESO classified site at close range. Lastly, we are situated in a very well equipped region in terms of power network, telecommunications and road access.

NRB has invested with the ETIX Group in the construction of a brand new data centre in the Villers-le-Bouillet industrial zone. This new data centre is called BelgiumDC and almost doubles our hosting capacity.

Security and continuity : no single point of failure!

In view of the importance and the value of our customers’ data, we secured our ICT-infrastructure to a maximum in order to guarantee its uninterrupted availability. Our buildings housing the ICT systems, are equipped with all the security systems a Data Center should have, such as:

  • Advanced physical security, comprising amongst other; 24/7 guarding, controlled access guaranteeing the identification of each individual entering the Data Center, intrusion detection, video-surveillance by a hundred of cameras  recording the actions of each individual and lastly, automatic detection and extinguishment in case of fire.
  • Power production and cooling installations, with totally seperate circuits and power emergency units (UPS and electrical generator units) which allow a Tier 3 level to be achieved while responding to a number of the most severe requirements of a Tier 4 Data Center.
  • Redundant network connectivity (multiple path) to limit the impact of possible failures of the telecom operators.

We perform monthly targeted Stress Tests within our Data Centers. These tests consist of validating critical elements of our installations: the technical capacities, the means of communication and the level of training of the operational teams.

Geo-resilience - Totally redundant circuits of critical infrastructures

With its partnership with the WDC (Wallonia Data Center) situated 30 km from Herstal and its double Dark Fiber inter site connection, NRB offers its customers an architecture of the type multi-site, active- active This responds perfectly to the most severe requirements with regard to business continuity.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Our multi-media room is convertible in less than 2 hours into an office space which can accommodate more than 50 persons, in case of a disaster at one of our customers.


Our data centers are interconnected with more than 10 telecommunication operators, giving us privileged access to information highways which cover the whole Belgian territory. The multitude of operators present in our Data Centers makes us totally independent with regard to the latter.

Capacities and performances

NRB permanently invests in its infrastructure. We have established a policy of technology watch in close collaboration with strong partners. This allows us to always dispose of the most advanced technologies. Consequently, NRB’s infrastructure counts amongst the most modern and powerful on the market, with sufficient critical size to assure our customers and partners the highest level of service.


NRB is equipped with IBM zEC12 mainframes with a calculating power of more than 7,500 MIPS that can process more than 800 million transactions per year. Next to the IBM machines, NRB disposes of BULL GCOS8 machines.

Integrated infrastructure

Our distributed infrastructure consists of more than 1,000 servers (physical or virtual) Windows, Linux, UNIX and AS/400. These are connected to more than 12,000 workstations. Our SAN (Storage Area Network) has a capacity of more than 1 Petabyte.

Converged infrastructure

Our converged systems combine and pre-integrate, the network elements, storage and servers in the same framework. In fact, one could classify the IBM mainframe in the same category. At this time, we installed 2 V-Blocks but we plan other acquisitions of the same type.

Purpose built

NRB installed Oracle ExaData machines that we manage for our customers. These machines are purpose built, which signifies that they have been designed for a single, unique purpose. Learn more...


NRB has always been a committed company and conscious of its environmental impact. We put in place a series of GreenIT measures which aim to reduce energy consumption in our data centers.

Today, our installations achieve an energy efficiency (PUE, Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.6, perfectly in line with the recommendations of the Code of Conduct of the European Union, while ensuring high availability for the installations. This score, while good in itself, is certainly not the last word. We consider it as a step. To improve this score, the NRB teams permanently test new technologies and evaluate optimization opportunities:

  • We install cold corridors, to avoid the mixing of hot and cold air in the IT rooms, thus ensuring quality cooling of the ICT equipment.
  • We systematically use high efficiency equipment (UPS, cooling units, power supply modules for the servers, for example).
  • We recover heat produced by the Data Centers for the office space.
  • We use adaptive lighting, limited to 50% of the luminosity under normal circumstances with respect to the level required for working in complete safety.
  • Lastly, we installed grids in the floor, which are more efficient than the traditional tiles with holes, as well as special cable tunnels that avoid the loss of cold air.

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