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Salma Lasri is the Director of RenoWatt, a one-stop counter for audits and energy studies to renovate public buildings. With this testimony, she explains how the NRB teams developed a digital platform to monitor energy consumption in public buildings.
The Renowatt team needed a tool dedicated to monitoring their processes, which was adapted to their growing structure. The platform now enables the centralised management and optimal monitoring of works financed by the counter.
The Digital Transformation & Innovation team carried out this project based on Agile and DevOps practices. These allowed for the rapid development of the solution. The time and budget constraints were fully respected. The most recent technologies were used for both the development (NodeJS, Angular, etc.) and the hybrid cloud infrastructure (AWS and Azure).
Currently, nearly 500 sensors have been installed in public buildings in the Walloon region. These automatically feed the temperature and humidity data back to the platform. To achieve this, they use networks dedicated to the Internet of things (IoT), such as Sigfox. The combination of the sensor data, meteorological observations and a series of other metrics makes it possible to objectively measure improvements in the energy performance of buildings through the use of IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol). 
This project draws on NRB’s innovation skills. For Renowatt, it’s a success story: sound management of public finances and a positive environmental impact. 

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