The #Smartcities vision of the NRB group advocates for the creation of an ecosystem around a strong and unifying industrial actor. The role of the latter would be to galvanise the stakeholders around specific themes. These special partnerships can take many forms: from simple cooperation to making equity investments in start-ups and SMEs. The desire of the NRB Group is to play this role of a central actor. It is quite natural then, that Afelio, a subsidiary of the group, has decided to invest in the promising start-up,  LetsGO City

LetsGO City was created two years ago by  Pierre Labalue and Gilles De Stexhe. The start-up already offers a mobile and web solution. Some Walloon municipalities, including Chaudfontaine, have been pioneers. LetsGO City is the last link in the chain between the public authorities and the citizen, which is one of the reasons why NRB supports this interesting initiative.

LetsGO City's goal is to become the citizen’s “pocket” digital companion. It accompanies citizens in daily life through the their interactions with their favourite location(s). LetsGO City is defined as being a booster of local activity.


How does LetsGo City works ?

The user start by selecting his or her favourite local entity/entities. The user can also use the geo-location of his or her smartphone to do this. Once this step has been completed, the user has access to the following information and services:

For the citizen

  •          Local information provided by the public authorities: a calendar of festivities, messages to the general population, sporting events
  •          E-services: administrative documents, information on collections, etc.  
  •          Purely local news thanks to a partnership with Editions de l'Avenir
  •          For municipalities that want to go further in the use of the solution, a range of diverse services that can beactivated by the citizen: reservations for cultural activities, parking availability locations, identification of urban problems, etc.

For the tourist

  •          All useful information concerning  leisure activities in the region
  •          Suggested visits and activities related to the user’s profile and geo-location

For the retailer

  •        The ability to publish information and promotions in order to boost local commerce by allowing users to benefit from “good deals" of the moment

LetsGO City wants to be the partner of local stakeholders. The application brings together a host of services inside one’s pocket in a single application. As a result, there is no longer a need to download an app for each service or make desperate searches on the web.



What does the NRB group provide to LetsGo City ?

The NRB group’s contribution to the start-up is threefold:

User experience

The user experience and the design of the web and mobile versions are being fully reworked by UX architects and Afelio web designers. They are indeed THE recognised expert in the field. The end result will provide an experience closer to the expectations of citizens. 



The Afelio teams have been dedicated to the major overhaul of the web and mobile applications. The goal, on one hand, is to make them stronger and, additionally, more open to accommodate new services and new features.



The privileged position of Civadis as the IT partner of the towns in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation represents an exceptional opportunity for LetsGO City. Indeed, Civadis offers an open door to the start-up’s target market.

The launch of this new, third version is scheduled for the end of April 2016.


Click here www.letsgocity.be to find additional information.

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