NRB achieves its first ISO 14001 certification: another step towards a sustainable future

Wednesday 19 June 2024

NRB, a leading IT services provider in Belgium and Europe, is proud to have obtained ISO 14001 certification. This international standard validates our commitment to environmental protection and our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our own activities and those of our clients.

ISO 14001 certification provides a rigorous framework for the implementation of an environmental management system. It enables companies to comply with the legal requirements and achieve their environmental objectives.

NRB is proud to have achieved this certification after several independent audits. This certification is a testimony to our company’s commitment to a sustainable future, combining our environmental responsibility and our strategic objectives. “This certification is fundamental for NRB. Our company wants to meet the needs of its clients, who are looking for a reliable, experienced, and environment-friendly provider of IT services. We are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. We already have significant resources available for the achievement of this objective, particularly in terms of green electricity production, and we are committed to continuing our efforts in this area”, explains Laurence Mathieu, Chief Executive Officer of NRB S.A.

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NRB has established a demanding and ambitious environmental policy

NRB has set out the guiding principles of its environmental policy in six points, which are shared with all our employees and integrated into each of the company’s activities. These principles enable us to meet our clients’ expectations and to continue to innovate while respecting the environment, as well. They are:

  1. Fully support and exceed the requirements of environmental legislation;
  2. Reduce our energy consumption, both in the operation of our Data Centres and in our buildings;
  3. Continue our efforts to produce our own energy;
  4. Optimise our consumption of resources in general;
  5. Help clients to reduce the environmental impact of their activities;
  6. Encourage our employees to work to improve the environment, taking into account the impact of their professional activities and their civic responsibilities.

Wind turbine, waste sorting and cold corridors: NRB is stepping up its green initiatives

NRB is stepping up its initiatives to achieve its environmental objectives.

In 2023, 60% of the electricity consumed on the Herstal site was directly produced by the wind turbine installed on our car park and the 940 photovoltaic panels covering the roofs of our buildings. These renewable resources have enabled NRB to avoid emitting 1963 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere (emissions figures based on the Walloon Region’s methodology). The rest of our electricity is 100% green too, so we can rely on a zero-carbon supply.

NRB recycles waste from the Data Centres (cardboard and old servers) by working with specialised recycling companies, thereby enabling the transformation and reuse of these materials and contributing to our circular economy.

The company constantly improves the energy performance of its data centres too. Besides the wind turbine’s efficiency, cold corridors prevent hot and cold air mixing in the IT rooms, and the heat produced by the Data Centres is also recovered to heat the office floors.

Indeed, NRB is particularly active in reducing its environmental impact: it has eliminated individual printers, installed LED lights, harvests rainwater and has adopted a green purchasing policy. The company has signed the Sustainable IT Charter,too,demonstrating its commitment to the development of inclusive, ethical and more environment-friendly IT.

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